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The Mission of Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation 501 (c)(3) (WCWMAD), is to increase elementary school students’ academic and emotional interest in school through academic and social enrichment programs in the 

underserved school communities of Los Angeles, California. 

Why Can't We Make A Difference Foundation now serves over 800 elementary students daily in two underserved elementary schools in South Los Angeles, California.  We provide enrichment programs designed to support students with academic enrichment and emotional interest in school.  Our enrichment programs consists of Art, Chess, Choir, Coding, Morning Mentoring and Performing Arts.  Last year, the students in our program exceeded our expectations by performing 35% higher academically in the second semester compared to the first semester.  They were 47% less disruptive in class and their levels of anger and/or frustration decreased by 57%.  In addition, 90% of our students revealed that they enjoy coming to school. It is WCWMAD Foundation’s intent to bring greater growth to the lives of individuals we impact in an extraordinary way, not only to our students but also to their families.  We hope that our legacy encourages our stakeholders and community to support us in "Making A Difference.”   



Derek A. Richardson, Executive Director
Dr. Tia Brown, President

Virgina Dela Cruz-Guitan, Secretary
Stanley Folkes

Dr. Diandra Bremond

Sharla Rucker-Holland

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