Chess Program

Instructor: Chess Tutors
The goal of our Chess Program is to develop academic readiness; improve areas of growth in memory, logic, observation, analysis, theory and concept conditioning. This is achieved by Chess instruction that informs the mind and the emotions in such a way as to structure an emergent mental circuit where motivation and ability multiply to produce achievement in chess and school and life.

The curriculum teaches methods in interactive participation.  Provides each student with a chess set.   Participation in chess tournaments every 8 weeks moving toward increased levels. Finalists are invited to Grand Match Gala on the campus of the University of Southern California.  (USC)

The anticipated outcomes for our students is to gain greater confidence & strong character.  To  develop sharp memory, problem-solving, logic & reasoning skills.  Develop mental discipline & strong concentration skills.  Develops analytical skills and understanding that certain behaviors carry consequences or reward.  Build patience by developing an aptitude of understanding the time it takes to get a good outcome.  Learn that hard work pays off.  Learn social skills & the importance of good sportsmanship. Increase self-esteem & strengthen rudimentary skills.  To test significantly higher than non-chess participants.

The Chess Program will measure success in a tournament style with all students moving through increased levels of competence.  Mastery of skills is measured by in-class performance and completion of performance booklets.
Performance booklets lead to distinguishing each student by advancing them to the next level: beginner, intermediate, advance, junior expert and junior chess tutor. Results will also be measured by, Academic Performance,  School Engagement and Indices of Student Well Being.