Performing Arts


Performing Arts Instructor:  Fernando Pullum Performing Arts Center 

The goal of the performing arts program is for children to understand basic concepts of dance style, perform short movement programs, demonstrate partner skills (e.g., imitating and leading/following), receive and respond to instruction and work as a team and build confidence.


1.   Genres of dance taught are: Step-Classes, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Hip-Hop      dance. 

2.  Perform short movement programs, emphasizing the elements of time (e.g.,      varied tempos, rhythmic patterns, counting). 

3.  Name and show a number of locomotors and axial movements used in dance. 

4.  Create a simple sequence of movement with a beginning, middle and an end,      incorporating level and directional changes. 

5.  Develop a dance phrase that has a sense of unity.  

Anticipated Outcomes: 

1.   Performing arts will increase reading skills 

2.  Increase listening and comprehension skills. 

3.  Build confidence by performing in front of a live audience. 

4.  Learn how to internalize a character rendering into a performance 


5.  Acquire public speaking skills. 6.  Learn how to operate as a team. 

7.  Build cognitive skills in self-awareness. 

8.  Students learn to use and share journal entries to communicate successes,      challenges or inquires in a supportive, safe environment.  

Measured Outcomes: 

1.   Program is evaluated based on individual student attendance, participation,      cooperation, comprehension, journal entries, skill development and      showmanship. 


Outcome will also be measured by: 

2.  Academic Performance 

3.  School Engagement 

4.  Indices of Student Well Being